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My passion for wind power comes from an increasing curiosity for (experimental, analytical and numerical) fluid mechanics mixed with the need I feel to tackle one of the biggest problematics of the century : the global energy transition.

I devote part of my free time learning, debating, searching and testing existing and new energy production solutions, particularly focused on the wind power sector. I am also pleased to discover and use the latest breakthroughs in IT hardware and software/coding, complementary with my engineering cursus in mechanical and product design. This choice of specialization thus came naturally and necessarily.

Today in my 5th and last year of my mechanical engineering studies, I am actively searching for a 6-month final trainee project in the wind sector Research & Development. This will be the chance for you to express my skills, my ideas coupled with my will to advance the wind power sector which, although booming, regularly presents new challenges to our society.


University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard, Belfort Mechanical and Product Design engineering degree September 2011 / February 2015

Engineering courses - Lean engineering, PLM, design methodology, CAD, design office, Product-Process optimization, material sciences, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, multiphysic numerical simulation, renewable energies, thermodynamics, reliability, statistics, project management, marketing

University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard, Belfort DEUTEC (University studies diploma of Technology) September 2009 / June 2011

Preparatory classes - Physics and mathematics for engineering, electricity, programming, general knowledge, languages

Clos Maire high school, Beaune High school diploma of sciences September 2006 / June 2009

Specialties : Mathematics, Full English-speaking courses



ANSYS Fluent
ANSYS Workbench
Hyperworks suite
Word, Excel, PPT
MS Project
  • Reading: Sciences, wind power, energy, high tech and world news, general knowledge

  • Involvement: Official students' representative in my school's council (2010-2014)

  • Sports: Handball (9 years), swimming, running, biking

  • Arts: Juggling, digital music production, web design, coding

Work History

Société Générale Customer accounts reordering August 2013 - August 2013

- IT skills needed
- To be organized and ordered
- Reactivity
- Confidentiality

Teknaus Numerical-control machining July 2013 - July 2013

- Parts in small and medium size series (Peugeot, Alstom, Areva, GE and others)
- Tools maintenance
- Quality control
- Hygiene and security in factory

Universitatea Transilvania din Brașov INTERNSHIP: Scientific research September 2012 - February 2013

Internship operated in a laboratory. Design and validation of a methodology intended to simulate the flow passing through an axial cascade airfoils grid. The strength of this method comes from its modularity (easy experimental conditions input, choice of studied airfoil) and the efficiency of the softwares used (including ANSYS Workbench and Fluent). The whole has been succesfully tested on a tractor fan and on the airfoil NACA 8410. This results in a noticeable time-saving in obtaining the required torque to rotate a propeller or the torque applied by a fluid on the propeller under given working conditions.

POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS : Aeronautics, wind turbines, turbomachinery, automotive, etc.

Service festivités de Beaune Festivity equipment installer July 2012

Organize, install, tuck, repair tents and festivity equipment. Teamwork, time management, physical strength.

Espaces verts de Beaune Gardener August 2011

Teamwork, fast learning. Green spaces upkeep, respect of deadlines, security measures.

Telligo Cooker assistant July 2010

Teamwork. Supplying, meals preparation, dishes cleaning, hygiene rules.

Maison Louis Jadot Internship: Production line operator February 2010

Teamwork. Orders preparation, labeling, packing and shipment of wine bottles.

Demeure Joursanvault Freelance : Website designer August 2008

Website coding and design, respecting customer's specifications and deadlines.


International experience

    1 semester in Madrid (2013) : I lived 5 months in Spain in order to accomplish two personal projects : Obtaining an advanced level in Spanish, and starting to make electronic music on computer.

    1 semester in Brașov (2012) : I did my first long internship abroad, in Romania. As I expected, I evolved autonomously in a laboratory. I discovered a lot of Eastern Europe's culture thanks to numerous travels inside and around this country.

    1 semester in Budapest (2011) : As an Erasmus student in Hungary, it was my first long-term experience out of France, and I will never regret it ! There, I polished my English, understood better the history and current situation of Hungary and had the pleasure to live in a multicultural environment.

    And several other destinations ! Whenever I can, I travel and discover new countries and cities. Thus, I enjoyed several days or weeks in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia. For the moment, I am focused on discovering more of Europe and where I am coming from before targeting Asia or Latin America, for personal curiosity but also for working in a dynamic emerging market.

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